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Join Our Family of iC-holics

Computer Learning & Machine Learning Engineer  

We are looking for a reliable person who is interested in modern technologies. We offer to be a part of a new start-up company with a growing portfolio of activities. Would you like to learn from the guys who left Google, Apple and Microsoft? If you know how to work with Python, we will be happy to meet you! Join our team and be part of developing iC sensor.

What we offer?

Flexible working hours in our Prague iC lab, homeoffice

Salary that grows with your experiance and responsibilities

Meet the iC gurus from whom you can catch new hints


Minimum Qualifications

Experience programming in Python

Experience in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, classic machine learning (e.g. SVM, Adaboost, Decision Trees...)  

English language on high technical level

Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related technical field

Preferred Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications, and: 

Experience programming C/C++ 

Experience in anomaly detection



The data preparation

Training NN (mainly in the field of CV)

Detector and tracking error analysis

Suggestions for improvement

Interested in applying but can’t find the right role? Contact us anyway, we’d love to hear from you.

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